Brecknock, Tunbridge Wells

Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society Award

Located in Camden Park, a historic residential Conservation Area in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Brecknock is a significant three-storey house. It was designed to provide a five-bedroom family home which fits comfortably within its Arcadian setting. Previously unsuccessful applications for a new house on the site meant that our design had to address concerns raised by planners and Conservation Officers.

We set out to design a clearly contemporary house, rather than emulate the original Victorian houses nearby. However, the design needed to be sympathetic to its neighbours, so we used classical proportions, rendered walls and a slate roof. Its appearance to the public realm was proportionally ‘classical’ and follows historic precedent. The design incorporates a main, central element with subservient wings either side. The private, south side of the building is more contemporary, with more glazing; it opens with glass infinity balustrading, a terrace, and a partially sunken patio area. Designed to a level of energy performance greater than the building regulation requirements, Brecknock incorporates Passivhaus principles of high thermal performance and airtightness.

In 2016, Brecknock received an award from the Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society.